Germander Speedwell 

Collator of curiously curated lists, Germander Speedwell's principal pursuit is to collect expressions from odd or arcane sources, and arrange them into tongue-twisting spoken word pieces that are packed with plosives, littered with alliteration, saturated with assonance and riddled with rhythm. Germander also dabbles in tangents of foreshore exploration, historical investigation, botanical identification, nautical notation and architectural appreciation.


It was upon retrieving the plastic excalibur from the Regents Canal that Germander was granted the ancient right to meddle with her words.                                                                     


Plant plagiariser


Germander shares her name with the wildflower Germander Speedwell (Veronica chamaedrys), this species being probably the boldest and brightest of UK-occurring Speedwells.  

While found in many of the same habitats and frequently sharing the same cobalt colouring, Germander (Homo sapiens speedwelli) can be formally distinguished from her botanical counterpart by her greater length of stem and independent mobility between locations.