Germander Speedwell 

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Who, what and why is Germander Speedwell?

For what, go to the Definition page; for who and why, go to the Dissection page.


Where and how do I find Germander Speedwell?

Head direct for the Distribution page.


What and where are these Wayward Walks?

Wander to the Wayward Walks page.


Where are all the words?

The words start from the Documents page, but for lengthier lists and more recent project-specific pieces, see the Thames Estuary, Shipping News Room,  Surrey Docks Farm and Second Chance pages.  


Can I take any words home?

Germander will gladly sell you a copy of Foghorns and Subsongs.  Other pieces can be emailed on request. Contact Germander via the Distribution page.


And what about the pictures?

Look on the Depictions page.


Is there any sound?

Yes, listen on the Dictations page.


Any other questions?

Don't hesitate to ask - contact Germander via the Distribution page.  


Still lost?

Try the Site Map.  Or if it's Speedwell Street you're after, that's in Deptford.