Germander Speedwell was cultivated as a safe outlet for the irrepressible wordplaying of Evrah, as well as justification to continue to accumulate printed matter on a myriad of subjects.

Germander keeps her carefully collated collections of terminology, nomenclature, found phrases and lost language safely preserved in verse form, in combinations that are characterised by:

  • excessive use of assonance and alliteration
  • use of uncontrolled plosives
  • sprinklings of spoonerisms
  • writhings of rhythms

    • and are either rife with fact or riddled with fancy - and contain no artificial adjectives!

      These pieces are best experienced aurally, and in performance are usually accompanied by some explanation of the sources, meanings and reasons - or otherwise.


Original illustration by Rima Staines: www.the-hermitage.org.uk

This image illustrates an old saying - should you be so callous and unthinking as to pluck a Speedwell from the ground, birds will plunge from the air and peck out your eyes.

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